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Above:  Catherine Winkworth’s Listing in the Translators Index from the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary (1996)

Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878) translated many German hymns into English.


Faith is a Living Power from Heaven:

Now God Be With Us, For the Night is Closing:

When in the Hour of Utmost Need:

All My Heart This Night Rejoices:

Rise, Children of the Kingdom:

Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear:

Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word (Altered):

Spread, Oh, Spread, Thou Mighty Word (Unaltered)

Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty:

Welcome, Thou Victor in the Strife:

Lord of Light, Enlighten Me:

Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates:

The Church of Christ, Which He Hallowed Here:


We All Believe in One True God:

Liebster Jesu, Wir Sind Hier:

In His Temple Now Behold Him:

Jesus, Priceless Treasure:

Oh, Rejoice, Ye Christians, Loudly:

O Jesus, King of Glory:

Lord Jesus Christ, My Life, My Light:

Now Lay We Calmly in the Grave:

Who Knows When Death May Overtake Me:

Lord, On Earth I Dwell Sad-Hearted:

Once He Came in Blessing:


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