Ah! Think Not the Lord Delayeth   2 comments


Above:  St. David’s Episcopal Church, Roswell, Georgia, December 18, 2011

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Words (1931) by Percy Dearmer (1867-1936)

Hymn Source = Hymnbook for Christian Worship (1970), of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the American Baptist Convention


1.  Ah!  think not the Lord Lord delayeth:

“I am with you,” still he sayeth,

“Do you yet not understand?”

Look not back, the past regretting;

On the dawn your hearts be setting;

Rise and join the Lord’s command.

2.  For e’en now the reign of heaven

Spreads throughout the world like leaven,

Unobserved, and very near,

Like the seed when no man knoweth,

Like the sheltering tree that groweth,

Comes the life eternal here.

3.  Not for us to find the reasons,

Or to know the times and seasons,

Comes the Lord when strikes the hour;

Ours to bear the faithful witness

Which can shape the world to fitness,

Thine, O God, to give the power.

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