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Hymnal for Church and Home 1938

Above:  Part of the Title Page of the Danish-American Lutheran Hymnal for Church and Home (1938)

The Rev. Paul Christian (P. C.) Paulsen (1881-1938) wrote and translated hymns.



Jesus, Savior, Precious Name:

Take My Heart, O Jesus, Work Its Stony Soil:

Draw Me, Lord, To Thee, On High:

Teach Me, O God, To Be:

O Lord, Ordain Thy Servant:

By Faith We Please the Lord On High:

Blest Is He Who Cries to Heaven:

Jesus, Bless Thy Congregation:

Upon the Sure Foundation:

Send To the Fields of Thy Harvest, O God:


The Flowers Now Awaken:

As Wide As the Skies Is Thy Mercy, O God:

Thy Blessings Fill Our Earthly Need:

The Sun Arises Now:

There Came a Message from the Sky:


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