By Faith We Please the Lord On High   1 comment


Above:  St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Atlanta, Georgia, July 28, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Words (1925) by the Reverend P. C. Paulsen (1881-1948)

Hymn Source = Hymnal for Church and Home, Third Edition (1938), of the American Evangelical Lutheran Church and the United Evangelical Lutheran Church, denominations with Danish heritage


1.  By faith we please the Lord on high,

And with His children gather;

By faith we unto Him draw nigh

And call Him, Abba, Father;

By faith we count the world but loss

That we may flock around the cross

And fight His holy battles.

2.  By faith we put His armor on,

The gospel of salvation,

And watch the foe of Christ, His Son,

With pray’r and supplication,

And when the trumpet sounds the call,

With faith we hasten, one and all,

To meet the hordes of darkness.

3.  In Christ, our Lord, we firmly stand,

Despite their onrush stunning,

And with the Spirit’s sword in hand

We foil their craft and cunning;

The shield of faith protects our hearts

And quenches all their fiery darts,

They go to grim disaster.

4.  O Lord, Thy Holy Spirit send,

Our hearts with zeal inspiring,

That we may fight until the end

With strength and faith untiring;

Oh, may at last around Thy throne

We hail Thee Lord and King alone,

Of faith the blessed Giver.

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