O Gracious Father of Mankind   2 comments


Above:  The Right Reverend Robert C. Wright, Bishop of Atlanta, with a Communicant at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Columbus, Georgia, August 25, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Hymn Source = The Hymnal (1933), of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Words (1925) by Henry Hallam Tweedy (1868-1953), U.S. Congregationalist Minister, Liturgist, and Hymn Writer


1.  O gracious Father of mankind,

Our spirits’ unseen Friend,

High heaven’s Lord, our hearts’ dear Guest,

To Thee our prayers ascend.

Thou dost not wait till human speech

Thy gifts divine implore;

Our dreams, our aims, our work, our lives

Are prayers Thou lovest more.

2.  Thou hearest these, the good and ill,

Deep buried in each breast;

The secret thought, the hidden plan,

Wrought out or unexpressed.

O cleanse our prayers from human dross,

Attune our lives to Thee,

Until we labor for those gifts

We ask on bended knee.

3.  Thou seekest us in love and truth

More than our minds seek Thee;

Through open gates Thy power flows in

Like flood tides from the sea.

No more we seek Thee from afar,

Nor ask Thee for a sign,

Content to pray in life and love

And toil, till all are Thine.

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