Hail, Thou Bright and Sacred Morn   1 comment


Above:  St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church, Smyrna, Georgia, August 6, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Words (1833) by Julia Anne Elliott (1809-1841)


Hymn Source = The Church Hymnary (1927), Presbyterian


1.  Hail, thou bright and sacred morn,

Risen with gladness in thy beams!

Light, which not of earth is born,

From thy dawn in glory streams;

Airs of heaven are breathed around,

And each place is holy ground.

2.  Great Creator, who this day

From Thy perfect work didst rest,

By the souls that own Thy sway

Hallowed be its hours and blest;

Cares of earth aside be thrown,

This day given to heaven alone.

3.  Saviour, who this day didst break

The dark prison of the tomb,

Bid my slumbering soul awake,

Shine through all its sin and gloom;

Let me, from my bonds set free,

Rise from sin, and live to Thee.

4.  Blessed Spirit, Comforter,

Sent this day from Christ on high,

Lord, on me, Thy gifts confer,

Cleanse, illumine, sanctify;

All Thine influence shed abroad;

Lead me to the truth of God.

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