Lighten the Darkness   Leave a comment

Above:  Light and Shadows

Image Source = intothewoods29


Hymn Source = Pilgrim Hymnal (1958), of the United Church of Christ

Words by Frances M. Owen (1842-1883), about whom I can find no other information


1.  Lighten the darkness of our life’s long night,

Through which we blindly stumble to the day.

Shadows mislead us; Father, send thy light

To set our footsteps in the homeward way.

2.  Lighten the darkness of our self-conceit,

The subtle darkness that we love so well,

Which shrouds the path of wisdom from our feet,

And lulls our spirits with its baneful spell.

3.  Lighten our darkness when we bow the knee

To all the gods we ignorantly make

And worship, dreaming that we worship thee,

Till clearer light our slumbering souls awake.

4.  Lighten our darkness when we fail at last,

And in the midnight lay us down to die;

We trust to find thee when the night is past,

And daylight breaks across the morning sky.

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