Draw Thou My Soul, O Christ   1 comment

Above:  Episcopal Church of the Common Ground, Atlanta, Georgia, February 22, 2012

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Hymn Source = The Pilgrim Hymnal (1904), National Council of Congregational Churches in the United States

Words (1892) by Lucy Larcom (1826-1893), a Massachusetts-born poet


Before Morning Prayer, February 22, 2012

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



1.  Draw thou my soul, O Christ,

Closer to thine;

Breathe into every wish

Thy will divine;

Raised my low self above,

Won by thy deathless love,

Ever, O Christ, through mine

Let thy life shine.

2.  Lead forth my soul, O Christ,

One with thine own,

Joyful to follow thee

Through paths unknown;

In thee my strength renew;

Give me thy work to do;

Through me thy truth be shown,

Thy love made known.

3.  Not for myself alone

May my prayer be;

Lift thou thy world, O Christ,

Closer to thee;

Cleanse it from guilt and wrong;

Teach it salvation’s song,

Till earth, as heaven, fulfill

God’s holy will.

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