O Word of Pity, for Our Pardon Pleading   3 comments

Above:  St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Good Friday, April 6, 2012

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Hymn Source = Pilgrim Hymnal (1958), of the United Church of Christ

Words (published in 1904) by Ada R. Greenaway (1861-1937)


1.  O word of pity, for our pardon pleading,

Breathed in the hour of loneliness and pain;

O voice, which, through the ages interceding,

Calls us to fellowship with God again;

2.  O word of comfort, through the silence stealing,

As the dread act of sacrifice began;

O infinite compassion, still revealing

The infinite forgiveness won for man;

O word of hope, to raise us nearer heaven,

When courage fails us, and when faith is dim;

The souls for whom Christ prays to Christ are given,

To find their pardon and their joy in him.

4.  O Intercessor, who art ever living

To plead for dying souls that they may live,

Teach us to know our sin which needs forgiving,

Teach us to know the love which can forgive.

3 responses to “O Word of Pity, for Our Pardon Pleading

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