We Worship Thee, Almighty Lord   1 comment

Above:  Grace Episcopal Church, Gainesville, Georgia, May 14, 2012

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Hymn Source = The Hymnbook (1955), Presbyterian and Reformed

Original Words by Johann Olaf Wallin (1779-1839), Swedish Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala and author of over 128 hymns

English Translation by Charles Wharton Stork (1881-1971), English Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and translator of many Swedish texts


1.  We worship thee, almighty Lord,

Our hearts revere thy gracious word

When it goes forth from heaven o’er all the earth.


Holy, holy, holy art thou, O God!

2.  Upon a mountain builded high,

Thy Church doth in thy strength rely,

And standeth sure while earth and time endure.


3.  Through her shall every land proclaim

The sacred might of Jesus’ name,

And all rejoice with Christian heart and voice.


4.  All nations to thy throne shall throng

And raise on high the victory song,

While cherubim reply to seraphim.


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