Presbyterian Prayers for a Session of a Denominational Convention   1 comment

Above:  Henry Van Dyke (Circa 1920-1921), Architect of The Book of Common Worship (1906)

Image Source = Library of Congress


I have adapted (ever so slightly, mainly updating possessive pronouns) two prayers for “A Session of the General Assembly” from The Book of Common Worship (1906), of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (1870-1958).


Almighty God, who by your Holy Spirit inhabits the whole company of the faithful;

Graciously regard, we beseech you, your servants gathered before you at this time,

in the (name church assembly here) and chief council of this Church.

Shed down upon them heavenly wisdom and grace;

enlighten them with true knowledge of your Word;

inspire them with a pure zeal for your glory;

and so order all their doings through your good Spirit

that unity and peace may prevail among them;

that truth and righteousness may flow forth from them;

and that, by their endeavors

all your ministers and congregations may be established and comforted,

your gospel everywhere purely preached and strengthened,

and the whole body of your elect people grow up into Him

who is Head over all things to the Church,

Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Almighty and everlasting God,

who by your Holy Spirit enlightened the minds of your servants the Apostles and Elders,

met together at Jerusalem to take counsel for the peace and unity of your church,

and has promised by your Son Jesus Christ to be with your faithful ministers to the end of the world;

Grant us, we beseech you, the same enlightening and life-giving Spirit,

that those things which seem good to the Holy Spirit may also seem good to us.

Let brotherly love continue,

and in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than himself;

save us from all uncharitable judging and rash speaking.

Let the peace of God rule in our hearts, and the law of kindness dwell upon our lips;

and of your great mercy vouchsafe, we beseech you,

so to direct, sanctify, and govern us in all our doings,

by the indwelling of your good Spirit,

that the Gospel of Christ may be truly preached,

devoutly received, and heartily obeyed in all places,

to the breaking down of the kingdom of sin and evil,

till at length the whole flock of your dispersed sheep being gathered into your fold,

under the one Bishop and Shepherd of our souls, shall become partakers of everlasting life,

through the merits and mediation of your dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord;

to whom be glory in the church, world without end.  Amen.

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