Mountain Brook with Rushing Waters   Leave a comment

Above:  A Stream

Image Source = Adam.J.W.C.

Hymn Source = Chalice Hymnal (1995), of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Words (1973) by William Watkins Reid, Jr. (1923-2007))


1.  Mountain brook with rushing waters,

eagle perched in lofty tree,

flowering hillside in the springtime,

white-tailed deer alert and free!

Beauty, beauty all around us!

Jubilate! Sing for joy!

Help us, God, preserve earth’s splendor

for tomorrow’s world to see.

2.  Pure the water freshly flowing

toward its ocean destiny,

clean the air of God’s creatoin,

rich the soil, the mine, the sea.

“Earth is good!” God’s word proclaimed it.

Jubilate! Sing for joy!

Save us, God, from wasteful living,

from pollution’s tragedy.

3.  Waving fields of wheat and barley,

giant apples juicy red,

cattle grazing in the pasture;

by God’s bounty we are fed!

Well supplied the world around us!

Jubilate! Sing for joy!

May no greed or warring madness

scorch the earth or rob our bread.

4.  Keep us faithful in the struggle

to conserve earth’s threatened store

as we fight to save the forest,

clean the stream, protect the shore.

God and humans work together,

Jubilate! Sing for joy!

Partners working till as stewards

we can say, “Earth’s good!” once more.

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