In the Dark and Cloudy Day   3 comments

Above:  Clouds at Dusk

Image Source = Nissim


Hymn Source = The New Psalms and Hymns (1901), of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (1861-1983)

Words (1853) by George Rawson (1807-1889)


1.  In the dark and cloudy day,

When earth’s riches flee away,

And the last hope will not stay,

Saviour, comfort me!

2.  When the secret idol’s gone

That my poor heart yearned upon,–

Desolate, bereft, alone,

Saviour, comfort me!

3.  Thou, who wast so sorely tried,

In the darkness crucified,

Bid me in Thy love confide;

Saviour, comfort me!

4.  Comfort me; I am cast down:

‘Tis my heavenly Father’s frown;

I deserve it all, I own,

Saviour, comfort me!

5.  So it shall be good for me

Much afflicted now to be,

If Thou wilt but tenderly,

Saviour, comfort me!

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