Creative God, You Spread the Earth   1 comment

Above:  A Field

Image Source = Luc Viatour


Hymn Source = Chalice Hymnal (1995), of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Words (1991) by the Reverend Ruth Duck, United Church of Christ


1.  Creative God, you spread the earth with life in many forms:

the deer and elk and columbine, the bee in humming swarms.

Forgive us for each flow’r and bird now vanished by our hand.

Teach us to treat with loving care the creatures of the land.

2.  The planet teemed with living things before all human birth,

and even fire and beasts of prey renewed the life of earth.

Forgive us, that the last to come, we threaten sea and air.

Teach us to tend life’s fragile web with wise and tender care.

3.  O playful God, you fill the field with lavender and blue.

You paint the bird with indigo, with red or tawny hue.

Forgive us that we grieve your heart, destroying what you do,

and teach us simpler, gentler ways to live on earth with you.

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