The Ocean Hath No Danger   5 comments

Above:  An Ocean Scene

Image Source = Tiago Fioreze


Hymn Source = Lutheran Common Service Book (1917)

Words (1862) by Godfrey Thring, a priest of The Church of England


1.  The ocean hath no danger

For those whose prayers are made

To Him who, in a manger,

A helpless babe was laid;

Who, born to tribulation,

And ev’ry human ill,

Yet, Lord of His creation,

The wildest waves can still.

2.  If fierce the tempest round us,

And white the angry deep,

Yet He, Whose love hath found us,

Can still His treasure keep;

Nor wind nor waves can harm us,

Nor hope itself grow dim,

No tempest need alarm us,

If peace we seek in him.

3.  Though life itself be waning,

And waves shall o’er us sweep,

The wild wind’s sad complaining

Shall lull us still to sleep;

For, as a gentle slumber,

E’en death itself shall prove

To those whom Christ doth number

As worthy of His love.

4.  Then, Holy Jesus, hear us,

And keep us free from harm,

Have pity, Lord, and hear us

On Thy supporting arm,

Should storm or calm befall us,

Whate’er our lot may be,

When all is o’er,–then call us

Home, Saviour,–home to Thee.

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