Lamp of Our Feet   2 comments

Above:  Arch Street Meeting House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hymn Source = The New Psalms and Hymns (1901), of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (1861-1983)

Words (1827) by Bernard Barton, an English Quaker

Barton was a professional bank clerk for four decades.  He composed poetry on the side and published eight volumes during his lifetime; a ninth volume followed posthumously.  Among his friends were Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott.


1.  Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace

Our path, when wont to stray.

Stream from the fount of heav’nly grace,

Brook by the traveller’s way.

2.  Bread of our souls, whereon we feed,

True manna from on high;

Our guide and chart, wherein we read

Of realms beyond the sky:

3.  Pillar of fire, through watches dark,

Or radiant cloud by day;

When waves would ‘whelm our tossing bark,

Our anchor and our stay:

4.  Word of the ever-living God,

Will of His glorious Son;

Without Thee how could earth be trod,

Or heaven itself be won?

5.  Lord, grant us all aright to learn

The wisdom it imparts;

And to its heavenly teaching turn,

With simple, childlike hearts.

Below:  An Old Family Bible

Image Source = David Ball


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