Light of the World, We Hail Thee   6 comments

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

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Words (1863) by John Monsell (1811-1875), a priest and poet of the Church of Ireland; he wrote nearly 300 hymns and published eleven volumes of poems [My source = Robert Guy McCutchan, Our Hymnody:  A Manual of The Methodist Hymnal, 2d. ed. (Nashville, TN:  Abingdon Press, 1937), page 147]

Hymn Source = The Methodist Hymnal (1965), of The Methodist Church/The Book of Hymns, of The United Methodist Church


1.  Light of the world, we hail thee,

Flooding on the eastern skies;

Never shall darkness veil thee

Again from human eyes;

Too long, alas, withholden,

Now spread from shore to shore;

Thy light, so glad and golden,

Shall set on earth no more.

2.  Light of the world, thy beauty

Steals into every heart,

And glorifies with duty

Life’s poorest, humblest part;

Thou robest in thy splendor

The simplest ways of men,

And helpest them to render

Light back to thee again.

3.  Light of the world, illumine

This darkened earth of thine,

Till everything that’s human

Be filled with the divine;

Till every tongue and nation,

From sin’s dominion free,

Rise in the new creation

Which springs from love and thee.

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