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Above:  A Birthday Cake

Image Source = Vikas Bhardwaj


Prayer Source = Gates of the House:  The New Union Home Prayerbook–Prayers and Readings for Home and Synagogue (1977)


God of days and years, Author of life, our times are in Your hand.

We thank You by day for Your abounding blessings and, as a year follows year, we are grateful for all Your gifts.

We gather today in special thankfulness to share in the happiness of our dear……………

Be with him (her) always as the joy of his (her) life.

May he (she) be blessed with health and happiness, and the strength to overcome sickness and sorrow.

We pray that our lives may be filled with good and abundance of blessing;

and may we have the joy of coming together for many more years,

as a family united by mutual reverence and love.

Blessed is the Lord our God, Ruler of the universe,

for giving us life,

for sustaining us,

and for enabling us to reach this day.

Blessed is the Lord our God, Ruler of the universe,

Creator of many kinds of food.

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