Christ is Made the Sure Foundation   2 comments

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Athens, Georgia, March 6, 2011

Image Source = Bill Monk


Hymn Source = The United Methodist Hymnal (1989), of The United Methodist Church

Original text in Latin; English translation by John Mason Neale (1818-1866), a priest of The Church of England, leading light of the Oxford Movement, and translator of many hymns


1.  Christ is made the sure foundation,

Christ the head and cornerstone;

chosen of the Lord and precious,

binding all the church in one;

holy Zion’s help forever,

and her confidence alone.

2.  To this temple, where we call thee,

come, O Lord of Hosts, today!

With thy faithful loving-kindness

hear thy people s they pray,

and thy fullest benediction

shed within its walls alway.

3.  Here vouchsafe to all thy servants

what they ask of thee to gain;

what they gain from thee forever

with the blessed to retain,

and hereafter in thy glory

evermore with thee to reign.

4.  Laud and honor to the Father,

laud and honor to the Son,

laud and honor to the Spirit,

ever three and ever one;

one in might and one in glory,

while unending ages run.

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