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The 2009 Passover Seder at the White House

Image Source = Executive Office of the President of the United States via Wikipedia

(Official United States Government images are in the public domain.)

Prayer Source = On Wings of Freedom:  The Hillel Haggadah for the Nights of Passover, Edited and translated by Rabbi Richard N. Levy (Hoboken, New Jersey:  B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundations in association with Ktav Publishing House, 1989), page 62

Passover is almost upon us, and I, a Gentile and a Christian, have only the utmost respect for the Jewish faith and people.–KRT


Sing Hallel, those who serve not Pharaoh but Adonai,

Sing Hallel to the Eternal Name,

May it be praised in all its power

From now until eternity, in this place and every place,

From the sea where the sun rises to the sea where it sets,

In all the lands between

Is Hallel sung to Adonai!

Greater than all the nations are You, Adonai,

Your glory is higher than the heavens;

Who is like You, Eternal One, our caring, compassionate God?

You dwell in the highest places,

You are present in the humblest places, surveying heaven from the earth, the earth from heaven!

You gently lift the poor from the dust,

From the ash heap You display the divinity of the needy,

Seating them with nobility, with the most noble of your people,

Inviting every barren woman in Your house

To take her place as a mother overjoyed

At all the children she has the power to nurture,


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