Thou Art the Way   11 comments

Christ in Majesty–From a Twelfth-Century Manuscript

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Common Service Book (1917) of the predecessor bodies of the United Lutheran Church in America (1918-1962), itself a predecessor body of the Lutheran Church in America (1962-1987), a predecessor body of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Words by the Right Reverend George Washington Doane (1799-1859), Episcopal Bishop of New Jersey (1832-1859) and father of the Right Reverend William Croswell Doane (1832-1913), Episcopal Bishop of Albany, New York (1868-1913)


1.  Thou art the Way; to Thee alone

From sin and death we flee;

And he who would the Father seek

Must seek Him, Lord, by Thee.

2.  Thou art the Truth; Thy Word alone

True wisdom can impart;

Thou only canst inform the mind,

And purify the heart.

3.  Thou art the Life; the rending tomb

Proclaims Thy conquering arm;

And those who put their trust in Thee

Nor death nor hell shall harm.

4.  Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life;

Grant us that Way to know,

That Truth to keep, that Life to win,

Whose joys eternal flow.

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