God of the Farmlands   Leave a comment


Image Source = U.S. Department of Agriculture via Wikipedia

Hymn Source = The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada (1971)

Words by the Reverend Thomas Charles Hunter Clare (born in 1910), a priest of The Church of England (Hunter Clare is his last name.)


1.  God of the farmlands, hear our prayer,

Lord of the growing seed,

bless thou the fields, for to thy care

we look in all our need.

2.  God of the rivers in their course,

Lord of the swelling sea,

where man must strive with nature’s force,

do thou his guardian be.

3.  God of the dark and sombre mine,

Lord of its hard-won store,

in toil and peril all be thine;

thy help and strength are sure.

4.  God of the city’s throbbing heart,

Lord of its industry,

bid greed and base deceit depart,

give true prosperity.

5.  Source of authority and right,

God of all earthly power,

to those who govern grant thy light,

thy wisdom be their dower.

6.  God of the nations, King of men,

Lord of each humble soul,

we seek thy gracious aid again:

O come and make us whole.

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