God of the Glorious Sunshine   Leave a comment

Appalachian Mountains in Yancey County, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Christian Youth Hymnal (1948), of the United Lutheran Church in America

Words by Thomas Paxton, about whom I can find no information


1.  God of the glorious sunshine,

God of refreshing rain,

Whose voice bids earth awaken

And clothe itself again.

With life of richest beauty

In plant, in flower and tree:

Thou God of light and splendor,

We rise and worship Thee.

2.  God of the hill and mountain,

Of valley and of dale,

Whose finger paints the rainbows;

Thy beauties never fail

To raise our souls in wonder,

And turn our thoughts to Thee;

Thou God of living nature

We stand and worship Thee.

3.  God of the busy daytime,

God of the quiet night,

Whose peace pervades the darkness

And greets us with the light,

Safe with Thy presence near us,

Whatever we may be,

Thou God, our great Protector,

We love and worship Thee.

4.  God of the whole creation,

God of all life below,

We seek Thy nearer presence,

Thy grander life to know;

When we, Thy heightened splendor,

Thy greater glories see,

Thou God of all creation,

We still shall worship Thee.

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