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A Statue of President Nelson Mandela

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Prayer by The Reverend Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook, an Episcopal priest and professor of practical theology and religious education at Clarement School of Theology.

The following prayer appeared originally in Seeing the Face of God in Each Other:  The Anti-Racism Training Manual of the Episcopal Church (2010).  I found it, however, on page 31 of the Spring 2011 issue of Pathways, the quarterly journal of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.


God of all humanity,

You call us to bring about healing and wholeness for the whole world–

for women and men of all races and cultures and creeds.

Help us to respond to a world that is groaning under the weight

of injustice and broken relationships.

Remind us that differences are a gift, and interdependence

a strength from the same creative God.

Strengthen us to resist the forces that encourage polarization and

competition rather than understanding and cooperation.

We know that your reign is not built on injustice and oppression,

but on the transformation of hearts–new life, not just reordered life.

Teach us forgiveness, O God.  Bring us reconciliation.

Give us hope for the future.  We pray in Jesus’ love.


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