The Glory of These Forty Days   2 comments

Negev Desert

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Hymn Source = The Hymnal 1940, of The Episcopal Church

Original words (500s C.E.) in Latin; English words (1906) by Maurice Bell (1862-1931), a priest of The Church of England


1.  The glory of these forty days

We declare with songs of praise;

For Christ, by whom all things were made,

Himself has fasted and has prayed.

2.  Alone and fasting Moses saw

The loving God who gave the law;

And to Elijah, fasting, came

The steeds and chariots of flame.

3.  So Daniel trained his mystic sight,

Delivered from the lions’ might;

And John, the Bridegrooms friend, became

The herald of Messiah’s name.

4.  Then grant us, Lord, like them to be

Full oft in fast and prayer with thee;

Our spirits strengthen with thy grace,

And give us joy to see thy face.

5.  O Father, Son, and Spirit blest,

To thee be every prayer addresst,

Who art in threefold Name adored,

From age to age, the only Lord.

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