On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist’s Cry Announces that the Lord is Nigh   10 comments

Above:  A 1925 Postcard Showing the River Jordan

Image Source = Wikipedia

Hymn Source = The Book of Common Praise (1908), of The Church of England in Canada, now called The Anglican Church of Canada

Original words (1736) by Charles Coffin (1676-1749), a French Roman Catholic priest and author of many Latin hymns; English translation (1837) by John Chandler (1806-1876), a Church of England priest and translator of many hymns


1.  On Jordan’s bank, the Baptist’s cry

Announces that the Lord is nigh;

Awake, and hearken, for he brings

Glad tidings of the King of kings.

2.  Then cleansed be every breast from sin;

Make straight the way for GOD within;

Prepare we in our hearts a home,

Where such a mighty Guest may come.

3.  For thou art our Salvation, LORD,

Our Refuge, and our great Reward;

Without thy grace we waste away,

Like flowers that wither and decay.

4.  To heal the sick stretch out thine hand,

And bid the fallen sinner stand;

Shine forth, and let thy light restore

Earth’s own true loveliness once more.

5.  All praise, Eternal SON, to thee

Whose Advent doth thy people free,

Whom with the FATHER we adore

And HOLY GHOST for evermore.









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