For the Sabbath in Hanukkah (Chanukah)   4 comments

Hanukkah Stamp, U.S.A.

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With grateful hearts we remember Your protection, when tyrants sought to destroy Your people and to uproot the religion of Israel.  We take pride in the valor of the Maccabees, their faith in You, their devotion to Your law which inspired them to deeds of heroism.  We commemorate the rededication of Your sanctuary, the consecration of its altar to Your worship, and celebrate the rekindling of the eternal light, whose rays shone forth out of the encircling darkness as the symbol of Your presence as the beacon light of Your truth for all the world.

Be with us now–with us and our children.  Make us strong to do Your will.  Help us to understand and proclaim the truth, that not by might and not by power, but by Your power alone can we prevail.  Grant to each person and every nation the blessings of liberty, justice, and peace.  Let injustice and oppression cease, and hatred, cruelty, and wrong pass away, so that all human beings may unite to worship You in love and devotion.

Bless, O God, the Chanukah lights, that they may shed their radiance into our homes and our lives.  May they kindle within us the flame of faith and zeal, that, like the Maccabees of old, we battle bravely for Your cause.  Then shall we be worthy of Your love and Your blessing, O God, our Shield and our Protector.  Amen.

Gates of Prayer:  The New Union Prayerbook–Weekdays, Sabbaths, and Festivals:  Services and Prayers for Synagogue and Home (New York:  Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1975), p. 397

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  1. I am so glad that I came across this blog. 🙂 There are many different angles on the Sabbath. I lean towards the following: Thank you for taking time to construct such a diversely interesting site! 🙂

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