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Rays of Light

Image Source = Wikipedia

Text Source = Gates of the House:  The New Union Prayerbook–Prayers and Readings for Home and Synagogue (New York:  Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1977), p. 222


There exists a silent, immanent language, a secret tongue,

It has no sound, syllable, only shade of hues:

Enchantments, splendid pictures, hosts of visions.

In this tongue God makes Himself known to those His spirit chooses,

In it the Royal Emissary of the world reflects upon His thoughts,

The Artist Creator embodies the thought of His heart,

And in it finds the solution of the unexpressed dream.

It is the language of images revealed

In a strip of blue sky and in its expanse,

In the purity of small clouds and in their dark mass,

In the tremor of golden wheat, in the pride of mighty cedars,

In the rustle of a dove’s pure wing,

And in the eaglewing’s sweep,

In the beauty of the human body, in the aura of a glance,

In the sea’s wrath, in the wave’s caprice and play,

In the overflowing night, in the silence of falling stars,

In the roar of light, in the rumble of sea flaming

With sunrises and sunsets…

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