God, You Spin the Whirling Planets   Leave a comment


Image Source = Wikipedia

Hymn Source = The Presbyterian Hymnal:  Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs (1990), of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Jane Parker Huber (1926-2008) was a Presbyterian and a hymn writer.  The following text dates to 1978.  Huber set it to Austrian Hymn, the tune for “Glorious Things of Thee  Are Spoken.”


1.  God, You spin the whirling planets,

Fill the sea and spread the plain,

Mold the mountains, fashion blossoms,

Call forth sunshine, wind, and rain.

We, created in Your image,

Would a true reflection be

Of Your justice, grace, and mercy

And the truth that makes us free.

2.  You have called us to be faithful

In our life and ministry.

We respond in grateful worship

Joined in one community.

When we blur Your gracious image,

Focus us and make us whole.

Healed and strengthened as Your people,

We move onward toward Your goal.

3.  God, Your word is still creating,

Calling us to life made new.

Now reveal to us fresh vistas

Where there’s work to dare and do.

Keep us clear of all distortion.

Polish us with loving care.

Thus, new creatures in Your image,

We’ll proclaim Christ everywhere.

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