Almighty Father, God of Love, by Hester P. Hawkins   1 comment

A 1589 Map of the Pacific Ocean

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Hymn Source = The Parish School Hymnal (1926), of the United Lutheran Church in America

Hester P. Hawkins wrote this hymn in 1885.  That is all I know about the author, for my attempts to learn more have failed.



1.  Almighty Father, God of love,

Hear from Thy throne of light above

The pray’r that now to Thee ascends,

For blessings on our absent friends.

2.  Our loved ones we commend to Thee,

Who crossing o’er the restless sea,

Or wand’ring through a foreign land,

Are still within Thy mighty hand.

3.  It is Thy world where’er they go,

Thy sun that shines on all below;

And we may still be one in Thee,

Whose love encircles land and sea.

4.  Thou seest, even whilst we pray,

Our absent loved ones far away;

O shield them with a Father’s care,

And all their joys and sorrow share.

5.  Be with them when the day is bright,

Be near them in the gloom of night,

And guide until the end shall come

Of life’s full day, then lead them home.

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