Advent Prayers of Dedication   16 comments

Above:  Shades of Purple

Prayers Source = James G. Kirk, When We Gather:  A Book of Prayers for Worship, Year C (Philadelphia, PA:  Geneva Press, 1985), pp. 15, 17, 19, and 21

First Sunday of  Advent:

God of promise, you cause the branch of hope to bud and flower; we offer you the fruit of our labor.  May what we do bring reassurance to those seeking evidence of your goodness.  Use our gifts as signs of what deliverance can mean.  We join with the Christ in the struggle for justice; we commit ourselves to the quest for peace.


Second Sunday of Advent:

Searcher of hearts, you know our thoughts before they are spoken.  You refine our impure acts so they conform to your will.  May what we say reflect your purpose for creation, and what we do be consistent with your intent.  Shape what we give you to suit your pleasure, and fashion us to fit your design.


Third Sunday of Advent:

Gracious God, whatever is true we owe to your mercy.  The honorable an just reflect your goodness.  When we are pure, it is because you forgive us.  Whatever is lovely is a gift of your grace.  All of our excellence is due to your kindness.  Receive now what we offer as signs as thanksgiving.


Fourth Sunday of Advent:

“Ancient of days, who sit enthroned in glory, To you all knees are bent, all voice pray.”  All that we bring you have bestowed upon us.  Whatever good that we do is a sign of your grace.  Accept these glad offerings we lay before you as praise for “the goodness that does crown our days.”

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