Our Father, By Whose Servants, by George Wallace Briggs   4 comments

The Third Building of Trinity Episcopal Church, Statesboro, Georgia (Diocese of Georgia), Dedicated All Saints’ Day 2000; I was a member from 2001 to 2003

Image Source = http://www.trinitystatesboro.org/

George Wallace Briggs (1875-1959) was a vicar, rector, and canon of the Church of England.  The Episcopal Church’s Hymnal 1982, in which I found this hymn, states that it is especially appropriate “on the anniversary of the dedication of a church.”



1.  Our Father, by whose servants our house was built of old,

whose hand hath crowned her children with blessings manifold,

for thine unfailing mercies farstrewn along our way,

with all who passed before us, we praise thy Name today.

2.  Thy changeful years unresting their silent course have sped,

new comrades ever bringing in comrades’ steps to tread;

and some are long forgotten, long spent their hopes and fears;

safe rest in thy keeping, who changest not with years.

3.  They reap not where they labored; we reap what they have sown:

our harvest may be garnered by ages yet unknown.

The days of old have dowered us with gifts beyond all praise:

our Father, make us faithful to serve the coming days.

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