In the Stillness of Night   2 comments

Lord, You give meaning to our hopes, to our struggles and our strivings.  Without You we are lost, our lives empty.  And so when all else fails us, we turn to You!  In the stillness of night, when the outer darkness enters the soul; in the press of the crowd, when we walk alone through yearning for companionship; and when in agony we are bystanders to our own confusion, we look to You for hope and peace.

Lord, we do not ask for a life of ease, for happiness without alloy.  Instead we ask You to teach us to be uncomplaining and unafraid.  In our darkness help us to find Your light, and in our loneliness to discover the many spirits akin to our own.  Give us strength to face life with hope and courage, that even from its discords and conflicts we may draw blessing.  Make us understand that life calls us not merely to enjoy the richness of the earth, but to exult in heights attained after the toil of climbing.

Let our darkness be dispelled by Your love, that we may rise above fear and failure, our steps sustained by faith.

Lord, You give meaning to our lives; You are our support and our trust.

Gates of the House:  The New Union Home Prayerbook–Prayers and Readings for Home and Synagogue (New York:  Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1977), p. 113

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