O Jesus, Youth of Nazareth, by Ferdinand Q. Blanchard   11 comments

Relief of the Nativity, Cathedral of St. Peter, Worms, Germany

Image in the Public Domain

The Reverend Ferdinand Q. Blanchard (1876-1968) was a U.S. Congregationalist then United Church of Christ minister.  I found this hymn text in the 1957 Hymnal of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, a predecessor body of The United Methodist Church.



1.  O Jesus, youth of Nazareth,

Preparing for the bitter strife,

Wilt Thou impart to every heart

Thy perfect purity of life?

2.  O Christ, whose words make dear the fields

And hillsides green of Galilee,

Grant us to find with reverent mind

The truth Thou saidst should make us free.

3.  O suffering Lord on Calvary,

When love led on to mortal pain,

We know Thy cross is not a loss

If we we Thy love shall truly gain.

4. O Master of abundant life

From natal morn to victory’s hour,

We look to Thee;

heed Thee our plea,

Teach us to share Thy ageless power.

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