God Bless Our Native Land   5 comments

Flag of the United States of America, 1845-1846, the Temporal Point of Origin of the English Translation of This Text

Image Source = http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us-1845.html

English words by Charles T. Brooks, John S. Dwight, and William E. Hickson

Hickson wrote verse three.


Hymn Source = The Hymnal of the Evangelical United Brethren Church (1957)


1.  God bless our native land,

Firm may she ever stand

Through storm and night;

When the wild tempests rave,

Ruler of wind and wave,

Do Thou our country save

By Thy great might.

2.  For her our prayer shall rise

To God above the skies;

On Him we wait;

Thou who art ever nigh,

Guarding with watchful eye,

To Thee aloud we cry,

God save the State!

3.  Not for this land alone,

But be God’s mercies shown

From shore to shore;

And may the nations see

That men should brothers be,

And form one family

The wide world o’er.

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