Ascension Day Prayers of Confession   1 comment

Icon of the Ascension (1408), by Andrei Rublev

Image in the Public Domain

From the Book of Common Worship (1993), of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.):

Almighty God, you have raised Jesus from death to life, and crowned him Lord of all.  We confess that we have not bowed before him, or acknowledged his rule in our lives.  We have gone along with the ways of the world, and failed to give him glory.

Forgive us, and raise us from sin, that we may be your faithful people, obeying the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ, who rules the world and is head of the church, his body.  Amen.


From Chalice Worship (1997), of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):

Lord Jesus Christ, crucified, risen, and ascended for us: we have not loved you as our Redeemer, or obeyed you as our Lord; we have not brought our prayers to you, or heeded your tears shed over the world.  Forgive us, we pray; breathe into us a new spirit of service, and make us joyfully obedient to your will: for your glory’s sake.  Amen.

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