A Christmas Prayer of Thanksgiving   7 comments

Mary and Child Jesus, by Pierre Mignard

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From Chalice Worship (1997), of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):

Surprising God,

We thank you for the openness of Mary,

for her stubborn strength to bear the Christ Child,

as a woman not yet married.

We thank you for her indomitable spirit that allowed her

to brave the fearful consequences

of bearing a child outside wedlock.

We thank you for the sacred passion

that helped protect the life growing within her.

We thank you for Mary’s gift of life, offering her own body

as a temple for your Spirit taking human flesh.

Dreaming God,

We thank you for Joseph of Nazareth.

We thank you for his sensitivity, his understanding

of his inner voice, his ability to act upon his dreams.

We thank you for his largeness of heart,

for his abundant love for Mary and the child she carried.

We thank you for Joseph’s care,

for his imagination in getting Mary and the child to safety

when their lives were threatened.

Imagining God,

We thank you for your gifts of Mary and Joseph to us–

the care they gave to Jesus, your Son,

the human qualities they model for us,

the parts they played in your drama of salvation.

Surprising God,

Thank you for your gifts of love to us.

Let the Christ child be born anew in our hearts, we pray.  Amen.


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