A Prayer to Relinquish the Illusion of Control   2 comments

Allegory of Faith, by Luis Salvador Carmona (Photograph by Luis Garcia)

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Sovereign God,

I confess that I have sought control in matters small, medium, and large.

This has been a recurring, unfortunate, and sinful pattern.

Why have I not learned better that human control is purely illusory?

Why am I stubborn in this sin?

Deliver me–deliver all of us–I pray you–from this sin,

so that trust in you may replace the idolatrous quest for control,

that love for you and all your children may abound,

and that Shalom may result.

In the name of God, the Holy and Undivided Trinity.  Amen.



2 responses to “A Prayer to Relinquish the Illusion of Control

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